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Homemade Tatziki in Cucumber Cups 🍃🌵 Perfect healthy party food or quick snack 🎉 .
🌵To make the cucumber cups, simply cut the cucumber into 1 1/2 - 2 inch slices and cut a cone/scoop out of the centre, ensuring you have left a base! .
🍃 For the Tatziki, combine 200g 0% Greek Yogurt (or Soy for vegan), 1 small finely grated (seeds removed) cucumber, sprinkle of dried mint, dash of olive oil (if desired), juice of half a lemon and seasoning to taste. .
🍚 Fill the cucumber cups with a tsp of tatziki and serve the rest on the side. So thick, creamy and delicious! .
This is another entry for @beautyblends, @mealsfullofcolor and @feelgoodfoodie’s #EatTheRainbowChallenge 👍 In other news, I’m going flat hunting today! Wish me luck! 🏢 What are your plans for today? 😘

Help yourself to a Cherokee Purple tomato. This big, luscious heirloom variety is named for the Cherokee tribe of native Americans, who shared the seeds with farmers more than 100 years ago. 
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I’ve been gaining so many followers lately and also heaps of support from all of you, so I wanted to give something back by hosting a small giveaway. It’s not much but these are tools that I use in my own work and also enjoy very much. I’ll also add the sketch as a small extra…